How Essential Oils Cured My Fortnite Addiction – A Testimonial

Like millions of others across the world, I fell for the Fortnite craze. And I fell hard. The addiction started slowly as I was only playing the game for about an hour a day. But then it quickly became the centerpiece of my pathetic life.

I planned my entire day around the game. If I had to run errands, I’d put them off until I played at least 5 hours of Fortnite. My meals became shorter and shorter so I could get back to the game. I even found myself playing the mobile version of Fortnite while driving. Something had to change.

Fortunately, that’s when I got a message from a Facebook friend about how she’s a new brand ambassador for an essential oil company called doTerra! She gave me a sample pack of the oils and told me to ingest 3 drops from each bottle (So far, ”Flaccid Lavender” is my favorite). The next day, I found that I had no urge to play Fortnite whatsoever! I’m completely cured.

And the best part? I also became a brand ambassador for doTerra! Now my entire life consists of annoying the living shit out of all my Facebook friends. I’m my own boss and I’m a #BossBabe if I do say so myself. Time to Rise, Grind, and Repeat 💪 Oh, and remember, IT’S NOT A FUCKING PYRAMID SCHEME! Thanks, huns 😜🔥☕️👌💯📈🥗

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