Dreams Of Fame Die For Drummer Along With His Vape

It’s a very somber day for fans of the indie rock band Slumber Piss. Drummer Jackson Raleigh was unexpectedly forced out of the band due to his vape pen dying.

Singer John Fosdick weighed in on Raleigh’s departure in a recent TMZ interview. “Jackson was always kind of a loser and a pretty shitty drummer. But he could French inhale and blow O’s like nobody’s business. He broke the news to us in the tour bus that his vape pen died. He’s gone man. We can’t have a vapeless drummer bringing us down around here. Vape is life.”

Although buying a new vape seems like such a simple solution to this whole ordeal, it’s not that clear to the rest of the band. “You can’t just replace a vape, man. It’s part of you.” Bassist Tom Flagler tweeted.

Slumber Piss will be holding auditions for a new drummer in the coming weeks. They said on their official Facebook page that they are only looking for candidates that own one of those “super badass vapes with the rechargeable battery packs”. The band won’t be the same without Jackson.

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