Sh*t I Found On Facebook Marketplace This Week

It’s back! As I’ve said before, Facebook Marketplace is a breeding ground for some of the weirdest shit you’ll ever see. So buckle in, because I found some super weird stuff this week.

1. Free yacht

I mean if you really don’t want it, I suppose I can take it off your hands.

2. Hot Wheels for the low price of $100 Million

These hot wheels better be made out of gold.

3. Incredible Donald Trump painting

It’s truly a masterpiece. I’ll take 10!

4. “Apple” Laptop

You gotta give them points for creativity.

5. Kids?

I have so many questions. Was the picture choice just an innocent mistake? Is this person calling their kids trash? Are they trying to sell their kids? And for only 10 bucks?

6. A classic Anchorman reference

This is good, but I think the description makes it great.

7. “Fortnite Mom” mug

I bought 12.

8. “Gently” used underwear

Jesus Christ… That’s enough Internet for today.

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