Man Lands Executive Position At Company Because Of 26.2 Sticker On Car

This week, a warehouse worker by the name of John Bard was named Chief Operating Officer at his company because the CEO was impressed by a “26.2” marathon sticker on his 2008 Nissan Murano.

Bob Gosling, CEO of Techniche, a software company that built Facebook for Pets, was asked about his radical decision to name a guy to such an esteemed position solely based on a bumper sticker. “Well, it’s not just a bumper sticker. It’s a statement. This guy obviously has plenty of drive. It takes a lot of drive to train for months and run a marathon. By putting that sticker on his car, he’s showing that he takes pride in his accomplishments and I appreciate that. He’ll be a great COO.”

John Bard was asked about his new role at Techniche. “Yeah, I’m really unqualified for this job. I didn’t even finish high school. I actually didn’t even run a marathon. I just thought the sticker looked cool. Please don’t tell Bob.”

This is good news for runners (or fans of bumper stickers) everywhere.

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