Monterey Aquarium Sends Otter to the Gym After Fat Shaming Tweets

Last week, the Monterey Bay Aquarium tweeted about its beloved otter, Abby, calling her a “thicc girl” and “an absolute unit” among other things. Because 2018 is the year where people take offense to literally everything, a firestorm naturally erupted and the aquarium was called out for “fat-shaming” the otter. Here’s the original tweet:Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 9.18.38 AM.png

The tweet may have sparked some outrage, but it also caused Abby the Otter to rethink some things. According to the Woken News investigative team, Abby has joined the local Planet Fitness. She even tweeted out this picture showing off her new fit lifestyle:

Abby puttin’ in work at the local Planet Fitness in Monterey

I think we can all agree that it’s good to see Abby get out there and change her lifestyle for the better. Planet Fitness prides itself on being a “judgement free zone” so it’s really a perfect fit for Abby. Her trainer said her form on deadlifts was “otter this world”. Okay, that’s enough for today…

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