Vegans now claiming that ‘stuffing the turkey’ to be sexual assault.

Just when you thought Vegans couldn’t be more ‘ate up’ with their ideologies they come out with another ridiculous claim.

Apparently nothing is “off the table” anymore when it comes to sexual assault and the #metoo movement.

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If 2018 (or 2019 for that matter) has proven anything, it has shown how being offended and posing as a victim is the new trend and an absolute flex on how society responds to their rhetoric.

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So think twice before you ‘baste the turkey’ infront of any extended family with a Liberal Arts degree for Christmas dinner tonight because you just might find yourself with a sexual assault charge.

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Imagine believing you’re an ‘investigative journalists’ while fact checking a globally recognized satire news outlet.

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31 thoughts on “Vegans now claiming that ‘stuffing the turkey’ to be sexual assault.

Add yours

    1. True. I mean, sexual assault doesn’t comply when the turkey is dead. And besides, psychological behavior is an account to this so called claim. With the right attitude, a vegan would enlose to understand respectable matters and should act maturely before deciding to claim that sexually assaulting turkeys by stuffing them is offensive and disturbing.


  1. Sexual assault or necrophilia? I’m sure the turkey is long passed caring once it is packaged in the supermarket..


  2. If you can eat a Carrot i can eat a Turkey,
    if you can steam that carrot i can stuff my turkey…

    Plants are living innocent creatures too, if you rip a carrot from the ground you force it from it’s home
    it feels pain when you cut, or bite into it *science has proven this*
    so if my stuffing a turkey is sexual assault then you eating a carrot is fellatio

    Freedom of Speech/Freedom of Opinion


  3. Well anymore I can not tell if people are joking or serious… so I am guessing that this is true…. all I can truly say is let the stupid people in this world just go ahead and weed themselves out…. that isn’t mean its called population control..the government does it all the fact they are the reason we have these brainless wonders sucking up or precious oxygen…. but all in all as crazy as that just sounded.. it actually makes sence.ya that Turkey shit is for the birds…next thing u know we won’t be able to eat fried chicken cuz the grease will be to hot and it will burn there legs breast and thighs….I mean really, people.


  4. SMH 🤦‍♀️!!! If you claim “stuffing a turkey” is a sexual assault; then you have proven that your birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory.


  5. The stomach and organs are removed, ass, crotch and everything.

    So they are entering the lower adomen if anything, not the backdoor.

    And what about splitting peas from a pod?, isn’t that sexual assult? You’re forcefully opening the flaps to get to the good stuff :p.

    See how dumb that sounds?


  6. So who getting charged for killing the turkey , surely that’s mass genicide every xmas .. Poor little turkeys .. Well I guess it’s chicken tonight then lol


  7. Im fine w/ whatever the fuck vegans do and trying to preach. JUST DONT,FUCKING,FORCE IT,TO PEOPLE. Vegans these days are so aggressive dont know what personal space and personal opinion is. Us people who eat meat can respect your vegan ways so respect right to eat what we want.


  8. Any time vegans speak and I hear the words leave their mouths and they enter my ears without my consent thats sexual assault. Their words are nonconsentually penetrating my ear canals and entering my brain. Thats rape!


  9. How in the hell is stuffing a turkey sexual assault?
    Like please dumb it down for me because I would really love to know how you came to this conclusion.🤨


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