Doctor Cures Depression in Teens by Telling Them to ‘Just Stop Being Depressed’, Wins Award

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body but a teenage brain is arguably the hardest to understand when it comes to what’s heckin goin’ on up stairs, fren.

Some rando doctor has won an award for just telling his patients to ‘stop being depressed’ and it seems to have shook the teenage community in a positive way.

Many of the patients say they honestly never thought of that before. It’s a simple solution for such an overwhelmingly large population of sad kiddos, it is astonishing that no one thought of doing this before.

“I’ve never felt better, said Gary Davis (15). This doctor just said what I needed to hear. I never thought ‘just be happy’ could be so easy to do. I still watch anime but now I don’t feel as guilty about it.”

Nerd Award

“You know I have also told a lot of my patients that their mom’s would be really upset if they decided to take their lives and they automatically felt better. Almost like a giant rock was lifted from their chests and they were cured instantly. I rarely see those kids come back into my office.”

Nerd alert, amiright?

Just before the new year the doctor was given the Top Doctor Award and also the Impact Award for breaking through to these kids and changing so many lives.

Thanks Doc, very cool!

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