Christian Adult Store Owner Refuses to Sell Sex Toys to Gay Couples

The owner of a Florida sex shop is finding himself in some hot holy water after witnesses say he refused to sell sex toys to gay male couple.

Church Reverend Jim Bray of Melbourne, Florida runs a sex shop and says his rights allow him to turn away anyone who comes through his blessed doors.

“I’m a God fearing Christian and I have been put on this earth to bring pleasure to all those who serve our good Lord. He did not intend for man to love other men. It is right there in black and white, straight from the ‘good book’.” He proclaimed. However, women on women is kinda hot I mean let’s be real.”

The two men who were refused their order could not be reached for comment. They requested to conceal their identity but witnesses from that day said they were “…really gay. Like the kind you see and ask yourself ‘which one would be the dominant one? I mean, because they both seem super feminine. It’s not like one has more muscle or seems protective over the other. Are they both just like taking turns and then ending with a mutual J.O.’?”

We may never know.

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