You’ll Never Guess Where the “Success Kid” Is Now

Do you ever wonder what happened to the people featured in memes from long ago? Well, the “success kid” has a story like no other.

Jeremy McStanley, or as the internet knows him, “Success Kid”, was featured in one of the OG memes back in 2007. It’s been over 11 years since the following memes surfaced on the Internet:

So where is he now? Well, “Success Kid” is truly living his best life as one of the youngest and most successful investors on Wall Street. At age 12, he is on track to become the youngest billionaire ever with a current net worth of $970 million.

In addition to being great at picking stocks, Jeremy also acts as an angel investor to several small startups and is going to sit alongside Mark Cuban as a shark in the upcoming season of “Shark Tank”.

When we asked Jeremy how he became so successful at such a young age, he said he just embraced the meme. “Yeah, I just really grabbed life by the balls and made it my bitch. It’s not just a meme. I became the ‘success kid’.”

Hmmm, maybe being a living meme is a good thing after all…

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