‘My Little Pony’ Artist Arrested For Posession Of 60k Pictures Of Underage Pornography

It should come as no surprise that the people behind the children’s show “My Little Pony” had any sort of involvement in child pornography.

Now, I’m not saying all writers of children’s tv shows are involved in this sort of filth. However, ever since grown men with fedoras and pizza roll addictions began to jerk off to that show and then make a Brony cult circling their love of the show I knew something was wrong.

My god

Reports confirm, Tom Wysom (55) had over 60k photos of child pornography and over 1600 videos.

He tried to say that he’s become so ‘desensitized to normal porn’ that he ‘needed more’. He claims he is an ‘addict’ and has ‘clinical depression’.

Clearly he and his lawyer are painting him to be a victim and state that he isn’t ‘attracted to children at all’ yet he still watched and probably distributed the porn to others.

Anyone with that much child porn and videos is definitely into it. What a bullshit attempt at pushing the attention away from yourself. This site actually tries to help justify his actions. His lawyers did a fantastic job calling in favors to have articles taking his side along with clinical doctors, placing the blame on addiction.

It would be interesting to see if some of his animation work changed as well to normalize some of the same behaviors he was getting drawn to.

He was only sentenced to 20 months..

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