Gaming Diapers Are Hitting The Shelves Next Week

As more and more stories of dedicated gamers shidding their pants come to light, a company has finally come up with a solution to the problem: Gaming Diapers.

The well-known diaper brand “Huggies” will be releasing Fortnite-themed adult diapers this week. The first packaging design was leaked to the public last week:


Huggies also released a statement:

“It has come to our attention that avid gamers don’t have the time or energy to simply pause gameplay which has caused a lot of shidding of the pants. Instead of judging these dedicated gamers for their sheer laziness, we have decided to make these diapers that gamers will be proud to wear. These are for you, gamers.”

To boost sales, each purchase of Fortnite Gaming Diapers comes with a voucher for 1,000 v-bucks. Happy shopping and happy shidding, gamers.

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