Kylie Murdered Egg and Fed It To Her Baby

Kylie Jenner: entrepreneur, fashion mogul, egg murderer? In a shocking turn of events, Kylie Jenner has reportedly murdered the world record holding egg.

Kylie started by killing what appeared to be one of Egg’s relatives last week. She posted the following video on Instagram:

But according to local authorities, it appears as if Kylie has scrambled the world record egg and fed it to her baby. The following was sent in a leaked text convo between Kylie and Travis Scott:

Perhaps even more damming evidence against Kylie were the pieces of egg shells found on the corner of Calabasas Road and Mulholland Drive in Hidden Hills which is in very close proximity to Kylie’s mansion. Egg was identified by his Gucci slides and Supreme backpack which were found next to the remnants of egg shells. Police say the only suspect as of right now is Kylie Jenner.

This is a sad ending to an inspirational story about a record-breaking egg. But clearly, Egg crossed a line that Kylie wasn’t going to let fly. Let’s all pay our respects to Egg. You will truly be missed.


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