Trees May Actually Reproduce Like Humans, New Evidence Suggests

A picture of two trees bangin strange has made way onto social media which may suggest we need to rethink everything we thought we knew about the birth of trees.

It has always been taught that they typically try to get their pollen from the male cones into the female cones of other trees (to increase genetic diversity in the population), which produces viable seeds.

Common means of getting pollination to other trees include: wind, insects (bees or butterflies), birds, or bats. However, a series of photos could suggest that nature is taking a more intimate approach.

A classic position and my personal fav
Knot spread
Seems like someone scored outside of their league

Its safe to say that trees usually rape people by forcing their pollen onto other trees and human causing allergic reactions in Spring.

If trees really have evolved to a more tree on tree approach to reproduction then we can conclude that either it is happening very slowly or they are stopping only long enough for us to leave the area before they continue. Total wood block.

If a tree gave birth and no one was around to hear it would the tree cry in pain? We may never know.

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