The Floss Dance Is Being Used As A Signal To Buy Drugs, Public Officials Say.

Is the floss dance more sinister than we once thought? New York City police officers believe so.

Last week, another major drug dealer was taken down in NYC. The major drug bust was discovered because a customer on the street was seen doing the floss dance outside a shady building. He then proceeded to enter the building.

A police officer noticed from across the street and called in backup. After busting down the front door and making arrests and confiscating a gram of marijuana, the man trying to buy the drugs admitted that the floss dance was his way of signaling that he was looking for some of that “stinky BC bud”.

Public officials in other cities such as Boston and New Jersey claim they’ve also seen this trend in their cities. One officer said he saw a man do an awful rendition of the Orange Justice dance followed by the floss before entering a trap house.

Parents: keep a close eye on your kids. If your kid starts flossing, they might be looking for anything from uppers, downers, vanilla sky, crank, clarity, H, rush, lucy, boomers, or xannies. You just never know these days…


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