If Your Pastor Doesn’t Fly In From An Elaborate Suspension Harness At Church On Sunday Then Don’t Invite Me

A Pastor shocked the audience when he literally flew in from the rafters of his Mississippi church on Sunday.

Rev. Bartholomew Orr drops in for Sunday’s sermon at Brown Missionary Baptist Church.

Rev. Bartholomew Orr is the Pastor at Brown Missionary Baptist Church in Southaven, Mississippi.

He said he decided to do the stunt out of ‘simple curiosity’ and to be a ‘digital disciple’.

Basically he thought, “How can I do something to bring in more people to my church with free advertising?” Go viral on the internet, of course!

So Sunday he pulled a little sneaky on the congregation and, without liability consent for the audience, took flight across the room.

These harnesses had already been in place from a precious Christmas performance so little effort was needed to make this happen. Just some big brass balls.

The audience loved it. One video taken had reached over 2mil shares on Facebook. This YouTube video had over 100k views.

Congregants were swift to defend their pastor, praising him for his ingenuity and thinking-out-of-the-box.

One woman shows how serious she takes organized religion with this tweet:

Very powerful. I want to join them now.

His wife has said if he ever does it again she won’t be happy so you know his ass ain’t doing that again.

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