Beethoven Was Not Deaf, He Had In Airpods™ And Everyone Around Him Was Broke, New Theory Suggest

Ludwig Van Beethoven was living well in the Classical Era while all his poor constituents were still living in the Baroque Era.

For centuries scholars believed that the late Ludwig Van Beethoven was deaf when he made all his tunes we still slap to today.

Beethoven depicted with what we can only assume is Airpods™

However, a group of self appointed Ancient Astronaut Theorists suggest that perhaps Beethoven had, in his possession, a more modern instrument that potentially aided to inspire his classic music.

We see a very clear image of some sort of audio transmitter in his ear. They did not have any sort of hearing aids for the deaf back in the late 17 or early 1800s. This is most certainly 21st century technology yet here is Ludwig Van Beethoven wearing what looks like a pair of Apple Airpods™.

Ancient astronaut theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
Rare drawing of Beethoven in his late 20’s workin along side an E.T.

A rare never before seen photo found in the Austrian National Library shows an incredibly shocking image of Ludwig writing music alongside a Grey Alien.

There is still plenty about this musical genious we do not know about. We will keep you updated on further findings.

9 thoughts on “Beethoven Was Not Deaf, He Had In Airpods™ And Everyone Around Him Was Broke, New Theory Suggest

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  2. Yeah I mean Beethoven was pretty much just the first hype beast in the world and no one knew it, or they were not cool enough to know.


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