Who Would Win: Chuck Norris Or Shaggy?

Which do you prefer: Fist or Shag?

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an impenetrable object? The fight to end all fights, that’s what.

It’s Chuck Norris vs. Shaggy. Powerful in their own rights and they have the meme community stumped.

Who would win?

Let’s compare both of their attributes:

The Professional Investigator


The Relentless Instigator

Don’t be fooled though, our petition has blown up the internet and fans agree that Shaggy is an unstoppable force – he is the fucking force. +1

How does Chuck Norris match that? Two words: Chuck Norris, that’s why. +1

Chuck Norris is a master of disguise and can even impersonate Shaggy. +1

..but nobody can do thicc like him. +1

Unlimited pussy. +1

Unstoppable stoner. +1

It just seems that no matter what one does, the other can match it somehow.

Who do you think would win? Let us know in the comments and finish it.

3 thoughts on “Who Would Win: Chuck Norris Or Shaggy?

Add yours

  1. This an imposible question the fight between this two gods Would destroy the multivers and create millions more Just by the aura this question better never be answered


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