New ‘Shaggy’ Movie In The Works, Keanu Reeves Confirmed For Lead Role

Keanu Reeves will be playing Shaggy in a new movie chronicling the life of Shaggy Rogers and his sidekick Scooby-Doo who uses the n-word several times throughout the film.

Over the weekend there was such an outcry for Shaggy that Thunder Road Pictures and ‘John Wick’ creator Derek Kolstad and director Chad Stahelski decided to cash in on the idea.

I could already feel Shaggy embodying me as soon as I said yes. It is..spiritually enlightening. I feel like God. Not just ‘a god’ but The God.

-Keanu Reeves

Matthew Lillard will be making a small cameo in the early life of Shaggy where Scooby-Doo is rumored to drop his first n bomb after the duo fall headfirst into a bed of mud outside of a circus tent.

I want to make this perfectly clear: There is absolutely No time in the script where the use of the n word is written. None. It’s all improv work that Scooby does ‘in the moment’ and the director just went with it. I mean I can’t think of a time where it was ever used in the right context. Seriously, you’ll see what I mean when you see the movie. He literally says it for virtually no reason and (Derek) is okay with it for final cut. Hard ‘r’ too.

-Keanu Reeves talking about Scooby’s debatable racism

The movie takes a surprise turn when retired mystery detective Scooby becomes kidnapped by an escaped Russian circus refugee from the gangs past and Shaggy flies to Moscow to retrieve his dog.

It’s a mix of The Italian Job, Taken and A League Of Their Own all rolled into a joint and smoked. The outcome: Shaggy. Rated R.

It’s safe to say this movie will be a Box Office sell out projecting to bring in the most money in an opening weekend than any movie ever made.

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