Small Civilization Found Living In James Harden’s Beard

Have you ever wondered what NBA star James Harden has been hiding behind all that luscious facial hair? We may have found the answer.

An expert anthropologist by the name of Richard Bosworth has discovered that a very small isolated group of individuals has been living in the Houston Rockets star’s beard all these years. Bosworth has coined the group the “Beard Dwellers” and they live solely off of Harden’s determination to get buckets.

As James Harden continues to be successful with the highest points per game, the Beard Dwellers are reproducing at an alarming rate. Bosworth claims that if he doesn’t slow down, there may be a serious population issue.

“Harden may want to consider riding the bench for a while. If he keeps getting 40+ points a game, the BW’s (Beard Dwellers) will surely take over his entire face.”

– Richard Bosworth on the thriving civilization in Harden’s beard

Harden doesn’t show any signs of slowing down as he continues to dominate the NBA’s Western Conference. But he may want to tread lightly if he knows what’s good for him. An uprising of Beard Dwellers is something we’ve seen in history before. Many people believe Abraham Lincoln was killed by Beard Dwellers and John Wilkes Booth was simply the scapegoat. Ya just never know these days…

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