Teenager With Severe Depression Asks Reddit To Roast Him – The Response Was Wholesome AF

The popular subreddit r/RoastMe is home to some of the most savage comments the Internet has ever seen (besides 4chan, of course). It’s a place where people post a pic of themselves with a piece of paper that says something along the lines of “r/RoastMe” and people just absolutely rip them to shreds.

For instance, here is a very normal thing you would see on r/RoastMe:

Or this:

It may seem like cyber-bullying on the surface, but this subreddit is truly one of the most magical places on Earth and yesterday they showed just another reason why they’re actually wholesome as fuck.

On Thursday, a Reddit user by the name of u/MufasaQuePasa posted a picture of himself with the caption “17 year old Russian with crippling depression. Give me a reason to end it all.”

You may be thinking to yourself “holy shit that’s dark”. I know that’s what I thought. Instead of completely obliterating this poor lad, the comment section lit up with some of the nicest things I’ve seen on the Internet in a long time.

Here are some of the best ones:

I think this guy sums the whole situation up perfectly.

Thank you r/RoastMe, very cool!

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