The NFL Re-Uploaded the Super Bowl Halftime Show to YouTube to Erase the Dislikes

Many people are talking about Maroon 5’s lackluster halftime performance last night. Mostly because the game bored everyone to tears and some shitty music is the only thing worthy of discussion.

Today, the NFL’s YouTube channel re-uploaded the video of the halftime show after it got bombarded with dislikes on the initial upload. However, this did not solve the problem and only made things worse. The Internet responded by continuing to throw dislikes at the video at a remarkable rate. Although it’s #1 on Trending, check out that like/dislike ratio:

So what was wrong with the concert? I think these Reddit conversations perfectly sum it up:

Another Reddit user named u/lolnopound went on to explain how the NFL Halftime Show completely faded Spongebob’s Super Band and their hit single “Sweet Victory”.

Hold on to your seats and make sure to buckle up, NFL. You may very well have a YouTube Rewind 2018 situation on your hands. For everyone else, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Here’s the link to the video so you can track those dislikes.

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