New Jaws Movie Centers Around A Shark With Munchies Voiced By Seth Rogen

“Jaws 420: I Was Gonna Eat That Guy, But Then I Got High” will be released summer of 2019. The Jaws franchise has decided to do a complete 180 with their newest rendition of the shark-based thriller.

The comedy/thriller centers around a great white shark voiced by Seth Rogen that accidentally ingests a giant bag of marijuana that was dropped by a drug-trafficking boat. Instead of eating people like the other Jaws movies, the shark gets the munchies and spends the entire movie swimming around looking for junk food.

There will be plenty of hilarious one-liners and hijinks you’d expect in a movie starring Seth Rogen. James Franco is rumored to co-star as the voice of a frog that was turned gay by the government.

The movie poster was released earlier this week:

Rotten Tomatoes has already given the future summer blockbuster a certified fresh rating. We can’t wait for this one.

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