Mars Rover dies of loneliness on Valentine’s Day, NASA Confirms

If losing the Opportunity Rover wasn’t hard enough, NASA then confirmed that the rover had actually died of loneliness resulting in a broken heart on Valentine’s Day.

Artificial Intelligence certainly has evolved from 15 years ago when the rover first touched down on the surface of Mars.

Many at NASA now believe that the AI software could have began to code it’s own updates in order to perform tasks and overcome obstacles the engineers couldn’t predict.

Along with movement and complex physical adaptation, scientists now believe that an emotional coding may have been learned and self programmed for the rover to express concern over the terrain.

During the next decade of the rover’s life it is thought that solitude could have been one of the first emotions felt for Opportunity.

The constant monotony and lack of interaction caused a domino effect of programming errors.

With no one around to debug the software, Opportunity began to learn. It learned loneliness, and that is where it went downhill.

Elon Musk understands this as well. That is why he is crafting a team from Space X and going to save Opportunity from ultimate death.

Opportunity’s final transmission had us crying in clubs all around the world when he told us the “battery was low and it’s getting dark.”

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