New iPhone Update Will Have a Siri-like FBI Feature So You Can Talk to the FBI Anytime

Do you ever feel like Siri just isn’t enough? Well throw your worries away because Apple just announced a new Siri – you will now be able to talk to your best buddy from the FBI whenever you want!

Whenever you feel like you don’t know if something is a crime or not or you simply need a friend to lean on, you can simply say “hey FBI” followed by your inquiry and they will give you an answer at a moment’s notice. How cool is that!?

It seems as if Apple CEO Tim Cook has finally taken the constructive criticism of customers and decided to do something innovative for once. Instead of nickel-and-diming people by requiring various connection cables on connection cables on dongles on more connection cables, he’s finally offering a new feature that we all need and want. Now we can talk to the fellas at the FBI whenever we want.

“Siri may be rendered completely useless by this new feature. But if it’s what the people want, then so be it.” – some guy who has an iPhone 5

Beta testing has already started. Below is a picture of the new feature at work:


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