Study Shows That Homicide Victims Never Talk To The Police

“Solving all these murder cases would be so much easier if the victims would just speak up. It’s very frustrating sometimes.” said Boyt County Sheriff this week when he was asked about all the unsolved homicide cases in his jurisdiction.

A big data company called Koala-T has accessed the homicide data and shared the results of their number-crunching with us:

As you can see, the latest data shows that there were over 6,000 unsolved homicide cases in the United States in 2017. Of those cases, not a single victim came forward to talk to the police. Yeah, zero percent. That’s pretty shocking.

It really makes you think. Would all these unsolved cases be a lot easier for investigators to solve if the victims would provide even a little bit of information?

“My door is always open. We’re real good about that stuff here in Boyt county. If any victims would like to tell me about their murder, I’d love to hear from them. We’re all in this together.” – Boyt County Sheriff Tom Thompson

So if you are a victim of murder, please come forward and talk to the police. It would make everyone’s job a little easier.

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