The Brain is the most important Organ in the body, According to the Brain

Just when you thought you knew all you needed to know about the Brain, we hear news like this that shows us just how much more starterer it can be like that sometimes though.

Our brain is the epicenter for everything that makes us who we are and what we do.

New Study Shows That Breathing Air Is Linked To Staying Alive

It allows us to speak, learn and sometimes even wash itself in liberal propaganda from the media.

Rocks Are Actually Soft and Squishy – They Just Tense Up When We Touch Them

Someone used their brain to understand the fact that the brain itself is actually the most important organ in the body.

Birds Are Drones And The Power Lines Are Actually Charging Stations

In our more primitive years it probably wasn’t long after we became self aware that once we beat someone over the head with a blunt object for stealing our food or people wearing MAGA hats because ‘orange man bad’ that we learned the brain controlled our conciousness.

It also has some internal problems that society has deemed rational behavior like ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome” and also that facts and logic are evil tools that strip our opinions to meaningless uneducated babble.

Our brains are becoming hardwired by society to believe that free thought is awesome as long as it’s a shared with the media and liberals.

Constitutional amendments are being threatened and history is being torn apart and rewritten in order to forward some left wing agenda.

Do the smartest organ in your body a favor and self educate on a topic before joining the sheep and jumping to conclusion.

Stay W O K E

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