Doctors Are Prescribing Instagram to Millennials That Say They’re Feeling too Happy

Do you ever look at Instagram and think “these people have the most perfect lives and I’m a total piece of shit”? Well, doctors are now using that feeling as a new drug for millennials that say they are feeling “too happy”.

Instagram is really good for showing people the absolute best version of yourself. It’s very easy to make your very boring, mundane life look awesome with filters and pictures of the one vacation you took to Cabo last year. If people showed their real lives, Instagram would consist of pictures of cubicle walls and computer screens.

One of the biggest problems with Instagram is the fact that young people are constantly comparing their lives to their friend’s perfect Instagram profiles. When you do this, you’ll never stack up because it just isn’t realistic. And everyone is doing it so it becomes a vicious cycle and everyone is depressed and unsatisfied with their own lives.

There is a flip side: some millennials are really happy and they think something is wrong with them because they see all their unhappy peers living sad lives. Doctors are now prescribing these people with a heavy dose of Instagram to bring them back down a notch.

“It’s an over-the-counter remedy that can surely make you feel like depressed even if your life is great. I mean, I definitely feel like garbage when I scroll through Instagram for an hour. One of my friends took a trip to Dubai last year! Can you believe that shit?!” Esteemed Doctor Ronald Smithstein

Doctors have also considered prescribing patients a combination of Facebook and Twitter to stir up a real cluster-fuck of emotions. More on that later.

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