AOC wants gas powered vehicles to stop delivering mail and use ‘pigeons or, like, other birds that can’ instead

Everyone’s favorite ex-bartender is back with a powerful new revelation to help eliminate fossil fuel consumption.

*The dialogue in this article is satire*

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Representative Alexandria Occasio-Cortez (D-NY) has had quite a crazy start to her year after proposing her Green New Deal which essentially wants every building in America destroyed and rebuilt to be more energy efficient.

She also thinks that removing cars and planes from existence will eliminate most fossil fuel consumption and help save the earth from killing us in 10 years.

On Monday this week AOC made remarks about the future of mail travel and the steps that your local post office can do to make strides toward eliminating mail deliveries by vehicle:

So, like, one simple thing America can do locally is to – okay, so just tell the people at the post office to invest in carrier pigeons or, like, other birds that can deliver mail without using fossil fuels. Maybe an owl like on Harry Potter, like how they did it only way more.

Bird training will bring in close to 100k jobs (possibly more) if this new idea goes into effect.

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