Steve Irwin gets reimagined as a Pokémon trainer and I’m literally crying

Two of my favorite things back in the early 2000s has been drawn together and the entire club is crying with me.

New Study Shows That Breathing Air Is Linked To Staying Alive

Rocks Are Actually Soft and Squishy – They Just Tense Up When We Touch Them

Birds Are Drones And The Power Lines Are Actually Charging Stations

Picture this: It’s Saturday morning in 2002 and you get out your GameBoy color with Pokémon Red Version and you run downstairs.

Mom pours you a bowl of Trix Cereal (before the shapes changed and they still had character) and you take it infront of the television and turn to Animal Planet because The Crocodile Hunter was on as peruje.

Ducks Don’t Actually Float – Their Legs Are So Long That They Can Walk On The River Bed

If this wasn’t your childhood then I am sorry because those were some of the best years to have no responsibility.

Local runner is now gay after stepping on the sidewalk cracks

So anyway, this amazing artist named Liezl Ronquillo, ‘Vivinkart‘ on social media, drew Steve Irwin as a Pokémon trainer and it hit me in the feels.

“Also made Steve Irwin into a Pokemon Champion, not just a regular trainer. It would be perfect for the Australian region! He could work alongside Professor Gum/Waratah/Wattle in aiding wild Pokemon in the region. He wouldn’t push his Pokemon past their limits, but would still encourage a healthy Pokemon battle.”

We miss you Steve Irwin ❤

4 thoughts on “Steve Irwin gets reimagined as a Pokémon trainer and I’m literally crying

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  1. Mr Buddy did an excellent in-depth “Australia as a Pokemon region” video with an expy of Steve Irwin as the region’s Pokémon professor back in 2017 if you wanna see this idea put into action.


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