Man claims he heard the nurses farded, shidded and came on his pillow while in a coma

Imagine being in a coma unable to move or open your eyes but you can still hear everything going on around you.

*This is a satire story and should not be taken as factual*

Trevor Shriner (29) suffered a huge aneurism after falling from a sex swing in his home where he ended up in a coma for 6 months.

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While in the coma, Trevor was in a state of alertness and found himself able to hear and sometimes see what was going on around him.

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His mother and sister would come often to express their emotions and occasionally sing and tell stories of his silly past while dad and older brother watched sports and talked shop while in his room.

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When he was alone, Trevor recalls several dozen instances where female nurses, presumably white 40 year old moms, would discuss their alcohol binges at several authentic mexican restaurants near the city and destroy his hospital bathroom with their bean & tequila shit cocktails ultimately saturating the air in his room like fecal fabreeze.

There were a few times that a male nurse would be on the phone talking about his marriage and the guilt he had for ruining the trust they had after he slept with a drag queen at a bachelor party in 1997. He didnt seem too upset after a while because he ended up masterbating in the chair beside my bed and finished. This happened twice a week.

Trevor is thankful to be alive.

He sent a letter to the hospital about his extended stay and had 2/3rd of his hospital bill deducted for the inconvenience.

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