J.K. Rowling Reveals Neville Longbottom Was A Furry In A Drunken Series Of Tweets.

In a series of drunken tweets early one morning J.K. Rowling reveals a laundry list of character details we never imagined.

It’s safe to say Harry Potter was everyone’s favorite book series when they began showing up on bookshelves across the world.

I have to admit, at no point in reading all the books did I ever get the impression that the characters were trans, gay or possibly gender fluid. The context clues just weren’t there for me and I’m not alone.

In a series of drunken tweets J.K. Rowling explains some minor character details we missed.

I’m sure there would have been a way for her to incorporate the radical sex practices while still keeping it wholesome for the younger fans.

See, somewhere in my youth I missed all the obvious context clues that any advance reader obviously understood. It makes sense why Snape and Dumbledore had a tension between them. They were sexually frustrated nearly the entire series and stayed in character outside of the bedroom.

Kinda hot but I’m not into it personally
Juul guy got ripped off

See, this concerns me because Juul, to my knowledge, wasn’t out back then and maybe more concerning was that the technology for a Juul was available on the black market and somehow that would be a fair trade for an amazing American made e-cig.

This one spoke to me

Would it be illegal for Harry to like Loli while he himself would have been a minor?

Oh okay, I see what she did here. Bold move.

She might be trolling us but it’s not that far out to think these could be what she wanted. I would definitely read a Harry Potter adult book if she ever wrote it how she wanted.

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