New Theory Suggests That Dr. Pepper Is Just Barbecue Water

A new theory that “Dr. Pepper is just barbecue water” went viral on Twitter this week. But perhaps the most convincing evidence to prove this theory true is Dr. Pepper’s cryptic response to the tweet:

As you can see, Dr. Pepper was at a loss for words when their “secret recipe” was put in to question. Could this be a sign that their popular soft drink was just exposed for the fraud that it is?

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Dr. Pepper has been claiming they have “23 flavors” for decades. But what if they’ve just been mixing leftover sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings in some water all these years?

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Some of the ingredients stated in Dr. Pepper’s 23 flavor recipe include coriander, juniper, and prickly ash. Prickly ash? C’mon people. Is that even a real thing?

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Next time you’re drinking a cold Dr. Pepper, just really concentrate on the taste. Ask yourself the question, “does this drink taste more like a Famous Dave’s barbecue sandwich or a soft drink?”

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