Australians Are Starting To Believe That Australia Doesn’t Exist

The first question that came to mind when the Flat Earthers claimed “Australia doesn’t exist” was “what do Aussies think about this?” Well believe it or not, some Australians are beginning to buy in to the theory.

We caught up with a few Aussies this week to hear their thoughts on the theory. Chase and Jake, students at some university in Melbourne have been questioning their entire existence as well as the entire country of Australia the last few weeks.

Rocks Are Actually Soft And Squishy – They Just Tense Up When We Touch Them

At first, Chase thought the theory was ridiculous. But then he remembered the Elon Musk interview on Joe Rogan. Musk talked about the possibility of us all being in a simulation. Chase then thought “if this is all a simulation, who’s to say Australia is even real?”

Birds Are Drones And The Power Lines Are Actually Charging Stations

Jake, an avid reader of Woken News, said smaller truths brought to light by WNN made him start to believe in the possible theory about Australia not existing. “Thanks to Woken News, I discovered rocks are squishy and just tense up when we touch them and dogs lick us because we have bones inside us. If these theories are true, Australia not existing makes a lot of sense.”

JFK wasn’t shot – his head just did that

The popular sketch comedy YouTube channel “Fairbairn Films” based out of Australia recently started a video series based on the “Australia doesn’t exist” theory. These guys happen to find some very compelling evidence that supports the theory.

I’ll just leave these here:

If this doesn’t make you think, I don’t know what will. Flat Earthers may be on to something here…

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