PewDiePie Congratulates T-Series In The Best Way Possible: A Viral Music Video

Swedish video creator PewDiePie and Indian YouTube giant T-series have been battling it out for the #1 most subscribed YouTube account for the past several months. Last week, T-series passed PewDiePie by roughly 15,000 subscribers. PewDiePie’s response? Absolutely brilliant.

See the video below:

The music video includes several popular YouTubers, including RoomieOfficial, Boyinaband, and Mr. Beast and it’s what the kids would call an absolute banger.

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He starts out by what seems to be a sincere congratulations to the rival YouTube channel. But he then begins to subtly throw shade at T-series in the most perfect way throughout the remainder of the video, including accusations of tax evasion and invalid cease and desist letters sent by T-series.

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Something incredible happened after the video was released: PewDiePie regained the throne as the most subscribed channel on YouTube. As I’m writing this, he now holds an incredible 137,000 subscriber lead on T-series. The biggest question now is whether or not T-series will respond with a congratulations to Pewds. This could go on forever….

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You can view the live subscriber count of PewDiePie and T-series by clicking here.

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