Zion Williamson To Receive First Eleventy-Billion Dollar Shoe Deal In NBA History

Now that Duke’s season has come to an end after losing to Michigan State in the Elite Eight, Zion Williamson can begin backing up the Brinks truck.

The bidding started last week with Adidas offering the next NBA superstar a 5 year/$500 million shoe deal. Nike and Puma increased the stakes with multi-billion dollar offers. The bidding ended when Lavar Ball offered Zion “eleventy-billion” dollars to wear the shoe from his new company, Big Baller Brand 2. Zion quickly accepted the deal to become the first eleventy-billionaire in the world.

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Many statisticians and financial experts are currently scratching their heads trying to figure out exactly how much money eleventy-billion dollars actually is.

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“I’m almost positive it’s a made up number and there’s no way this contract will actually go through. I think Lavar just wanted to get his name in the limelight again. However, Zion simply couldn’t pass up an offer that sounds that big. He was smart for signing this deal.” – financial expert Kyle Dingus

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Zion Williamson is an absolute unit and a straight-up game changer. Before today, no one really knew how valuable he really was. But now we have the answer: Zion is worth exactly eleventy-billion dollars. And I’m like 85% sure that’s a lot of money.

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