New Theory Suggests JFK Shot First

Is it possible that Lee Harvey Oswald was acting out of self-defense rather than malice and hate when he “assassinated” former US president John F. Kennedy? According to the marvelous minds in the deep, dark depths of the Internet – Yes. It’s very possible.

When reviewing the footage of the assassination of JFK, there isn’t any substantial evidence that JFK had a weapon on him. But if you throw all logic aside, you can quickly arrive at the “invisible gun” theory.

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Throughout the 20th century, the advancement in firearm technology has continued to drastically improve. Guns look almost nothing like they did in the early 1900s. Fast forward to today when guns can basically be 3D-printed out of thin air. But when did 3D-printing technology actually become available? The 2000s? The 90s? Or what if it’s been available since the 60s and the government just kept it secret? It wouldn’t be the first time the government kept something secret from the public.

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What if the government 3D-printed a gun out of a transparent material and gave it to JFK as a b-day present? And what if JFK got really excited and popped off a shot in the air on that fateful day in late November and it got a little too close to Oswald who was just minding his own business on the 6th floor of that book depository?

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To be honest, believing in this theory requires quite a big imagination. But any theory worth a damn requires you to think a little differently. Open your eyes, sheeple. And always remember to #STAYWOKE.

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