Bugs Flying Around With Wings Are Flying Bugs, Study Shows

A new study out of France has cleared up a mystery that we’ve all thought about at least once or twice in our lives: what do you call a bug with wings? The answer? You guessed it – a flying bug.

“It’s almost as if the answer was right under our noses the whole time.” says bug expert Jacque Cruzan when asked about the new discovery. “My team and I have spent years using government money for this project and it’s just so rewarding to finally see our research pay off in such an enormous way.”

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There are hundreds of scientific classifications for flying insects such as “Culicidae” for mosquito or “Anthophila” for bee. But Jacque and his team said “fuck all those fancy words” and decided to make it easy on us.

“Calling bugs by their scientific names is just a way for ‘smart’ people to make normal people feel like dummies. Fuck that noise. Just call them flying bugs.” – Jacque on his “no-nonsense” bug classification philosophy

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Before Jacque and his team made this discovery, we just called these flying things “flies”, “bees”, “wasps”, etc. But now we can just refer to them as “flying bugs”. Thanks Jacque. You’re a true hero.

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