One Third of the Population Doesn’t Believe in the Sun, Survey Shows

Is that big yellow thing up in the sky just more fake news created by giant media outlets or the government? 33 out of 100 people think yes.

A new survey created by the Institute of Science and Reason asked the question “Is the sun real?” to 100 very woke college graduates last week. Out of all the responses, 33 people answered no.

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The students that answered “no” were asked to elaborate. Here are some of their best responses:

“Why does everyone always say you shouldn’t look directly at the sun? Is it because it’s harmful to your eyes or is it because it doesn’t actually exist?” – Chad Gadby, 22, recent graduate of Glendale Community College

“My 3rd grade science teacher told us the sun was real and he was a complete dumbass. Why would I ever believe him?” – Brad Chadby, 24, recent graduate of East LA Community College

“The sun is what the government uses to cover up the fact that they control the weather. Also, Bush did 9/11. Look into it.” – Xander Logan, 27, recent graduate of Orange Coast Community College

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So there you have it. Some interesting points were made. What do you think – is the sun real? Or is it just more government lies?

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