Man Dies From Embarrassment After Replying “You Too” To Waiter Whomst Told Him To “Enjoy His Food”

We’ve all experienced the embarrassment resulting from an awkward interaction with a food service worker. However, Jimmy McMicken became fatally embarrassed last week after a big oopsie when he replied with “You Too” to a waiter that kindly told him to “Enjoy His Food”.

People close to Jimmy claim he had no existing health issues that could have contributed to his early demise. A local nurse claimed that “death by embarrassment” is actually quite common.

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“It’s definitely not the first time we’ve seen someone die of embarrassment and it won’t be the last. Just last week, a young man sharded while shopping at Target. He died soon after while running to the bathroom to clean himself up.” – Local Emergency Room Nurse

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We need to make people aware of the dangers of embarrassment. It truly is the new “silent killer”. Step aside high blood pressure – you’ve been replaced.

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