Kid Accidentally Kills His Grandma By Laying Down A Draw-4 Card In Game Of Uno

Tragedy struck a family in Bentonville, Arkansas last evening when an intense game of uno ended prematurely. 12-year-old Ricky Johnstone laid down a deathly draw-4 card on his Grandma.

The coroner claims that the mixture of shock and betrayal in 86-year-old Betty Johnstone triggered a major heart attack. She was pronounced dead on-site.

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Surprisingly, Ricky did not seem the least bit apologetic when asked about his actions.

“I was simply playing by the rules. Was I supposed to just hold on to that card like a dumbass? She would have done the exact same thing to me if she had the chance. She didn’t even get me the new Red Dead for Christmas this year. Serves her right.” – Ricky Johnstone on death of his Grandma

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After Ricky spoke to the police, they have launched a full homicide investigation.

“It’s definitely possible that he knew playing that card would kill her. Ricky may be looking at jail time if we can get someone else in the family to confess.” – local police chief

The family has declined to comment at this time.

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