Millennials are killing the Doorbell Industry by texting ‘here’

In a shocking new study published in the Journal of Actual Real Science this week, it seems the doorbell industry is facing total collapse at the hands of the worst generation in history.

Woken Contributor: Maddy D.

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“We have seen a 600% decrease in doorbell sales over the last 5 years.” says spokesman for Doorbells International. “According to our findings, we can see that 99.8% of millennials would prefer to send a text message from the sidewalk saying ‘I’m here’ than approach the door and ring the doorbell.”

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With the lack of support from selfish young people causing such a tragic fall in sales, the industry expects to be completely obsolete within the next 2-3 years.

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Over the past decade, we have seen these determined youngsters topple industries from paper napkins, to home owners associations, to even hooters. It begs the question: is ANYTHING safe from these millennials’ quest of total societal destruction?

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Thanks for the idea, broh.
-Woken News

15 thoughts on “Millennials are killing the Doorbell Industry by texting ‘here’

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  1. How can we kill the doorbell industry if we’re not buying houses? I’d love to have a working doorbell. I don’t have one because it’s up to my landlord, not me.


  2. We don’t ring doorbells because we know people have dogs and babies. There is nothing worse than waking a sleeping baby or simply making the dogs bark uncontrollably. We have respect.


  3. excuse me but why is it wrong to stop doing obsolete and redundant crap? just for morons like you to hog on your ever growing riches? if someone else has a better idea, please just fuck off, outta the way, moron. start evolving as there are no downsides to “im here” vs your stupid loud buzzer that without a doorhole doesn’t work to identify who’s on the other side. please grow up, both doorbell industry (suck a d, srs), and the author (srs, wtf?)


  4. The worst generation?
    Selfish young ppl?
    All because we don’t use a doorbell. This article is full of emotion and the writer is salty as hell


  5. Maybe if there weren’t so much people getting shot for no reason we wouldn’t have no fear of ringing the wrong bell…fucking dumbass


  6. 😂😂🤣 I’m guilty of this. But only because every building I’ve lived in had doorbells that were broken most of the time. So I simply don’t trust doorbells.


  7. That’s shocking! Hopefully this is a wake up call for millennials! This is another reason why cell phones are dangerous.


  8. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If your industry is becoming obsolete, it’s because it’s no longer needed. Knocking is also killing the industry too I’m sure. Millenials are likely having a hard time affording houses in the market previous generations have destroyed from inflation so maybe blame yourselves. Biggest crock of shit I’ve ever heard


  9. Ill just get a doorbell for my apartment I can hardly afford 😂
    People with houses may have dogs that would bark or babies that may be woken up by the sound of a doorbell..
    At least 90% of millenials cant afford houses. Nobody is effected by this anyway, most houses come with doorbell..


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