Women Named Karen Have a 115% Chance of Naming Their Son Kyle, Survey Suggests

According to a recent study conducted by the Naming Institute, women with the name Karen have a 115% chance of naming their son Kyle.

In this extensive survey, 100 women named Karen were asked to give the names of their children. All participants had at least one offspring named Kyle. The most astounding report was that several mothers had multiple children named Kyle. One mother of triplets had two boys named Kyle and a girl named Kylee (the study decided to count Kylee since it was so close to Kyle).

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“It’s almost as if women named Karen are collecting kids named Kyle like they’re Pokémon cards and they’re planning on harnessing their energy to destroy all the drywall in their home. I suppose that’s one way to take down a wall to create more of an ‘open-concept’ in your living room.” – anonymous researcher at the Naming Institute

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Because there was such a strong correlation between mothers named Karen and sons named Kyle, it really makes you wonder “why?”. One Karen weighed in:

“Karens and Kyles have to stick together. We’ve been made fun of for our names for far too long. The only way we get through it is by working as a team.” – one of the Karens from the study

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