History books claim Julius Caesar was assassinated in Rome by his own friends and colleagues

So get this, A man named Julius Caesar was apparently betrayed by his own friends, lured into the theater of Pompey and stabbed several dozen times by his so called friends.

So that writer William Shakespeare’s story came true, not only will you learn about Julius Caesar in your English Literature books but also the History books, I know right?

Now this is gonna blow your mind, you will think that every one in Rome spoke Latin just like in William Shakespeare’s play but they didn’t. They spoke something called “Ga-reek” language. And he never says “Et, tu Brute” because he was actually speaking this Greek language.

Around 44 BC, Caesar was like becoming Kim Jong-Un, you know like a dictator, so a lot of liberals around that time like Brutus, Cassius etc. did not like this. Cassius and other politicians wanted him gone, Brutus was one of his best friend and didn’t want to pop a cap in his ass. They all lured him inside the theater and stabbed his 23 times and killed him.

And after thousand years William Shakespeare wrote it, which is weird like how did he know about it? Guess we will never know.

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