New Theory Suggests That The Moon Isn’t Real

For years, many people have questioned the validity of the moon landings that took place in the late 60s. But that’s old news. A new theory suggests that not only were the moon landings fake, but the moon itself is a total FRAUD.German scientist Werner Von Jägermeister recently explained his findings about the moon being fake on a panel of other highly esteemed scientists.

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“The moon is simply a projection into the sky. My team and I believe the government developed giant projector technology hundreds of years ago with the intention of one day staging a moon landing. They knew other countries would one day join in the ‘great space race’ and it would just be another way for America to show that they are a superior country by ‘getting to the moon first’. It’s truly the perfect long-con.” -Werner Von Jägermeister on the moon being fake

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In addition to Jägermeister’s theory, others on the Internet have brought up some very compelling questions that may weaken the moon’s legitimacy.

For example, a reddit user by the name of u/Dyskord01 said “if the moon is real, why don’t people get moon burn? You get sun burn but no one ever gets moon burn”. It’s a solid point. And it should make you question everything you know about the moon.

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Believers of the “fake moon” theory have also claimed that they believe the giant moon projector is located at Area 51. Hopefully, we get pics of this thing in late September when the storming of Area 51 goes off without a hitch.

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