Pennywise Is Not Anti-Gay; People Are Just Pro-Stupid.

Pennywise doesn’t discriminate, he’ll fuck you up anyways. #EQUALITY 🌈

As some of you may have seen, there’s been an article floating around on the internet that has been gaining lots of attention.. for all the wrong reasons:

Article in question. Source:

Yeah. This one.

First off, let me say that I support both LGBTQ+ progression and equality, and those of interdimensional entities that disguise themselves as killer clowns.

Secondly, what the fuck OUT ?

Reported by outlet Warning – spoilers for ‘IT: Chapter Two‘ ahead:

..the film opens with a scene straight from Stephen King’s original novel, in which a gay couple (Xavier Dolan and Taylor Frey) are attacked by a group of homophobes, who beat Dolan’s character Adrian and throw him over the side of a bridge. His boyfriend, Don, follows him down to the river below, just in time to watch Pennywise literally eat his heart out.

Yes, as most cosmic evil shapeshifters would..


But what really cements Pennywise’s bigotry is his treatment of Richie (Bill Hader), who is revealed to be closeted and in love with his childhood friend Eddie (James Ransone).


The killer clown isn’t content to just threaten Richie with violence. Instead, he reveals that he knows Richie’s secret, his “dirty little secret.” He doesn’t just say it, he sings it — the song even appears on the album’s soundtrack (coming for all the pop girls’ necks, I see). So Pennywise isn’t just the physical manifestation of what is revealed to be some kind of cosmic entity that feeds off fear and human flesh, he’s a homophobe.

Pennywise utilizes and feeds off his victim’s deepest fears and while the gay bashing scene was brutal, it was completely releveant to the story arc in both the novel and the 2019 film.

It comes full circle in the end anyway and the message about it is one that’s Pro-LGBTQ+ and accepting yourself.

Pennywise might be consistently looming over Derry.. and he might be playing a major role in every of the town’s malevolent events.. but he is not homophobic nor really cares because by the article’s logic – he would be anti-everything bad that happens in Stephen King’s novel. Anti-Queer? He’s not satisfied with simply killing his victims. He needs to salt his meal by completely breaking down his victim through their deepest fears and personal sufferings.

Pennywise doesn’t discriminate, he’ll fuck you up anyways. #EQUALITY 🌈

Here – have a meme from Papiwise:

Pennywise definitely floats my boat. 🎈

Article is based from sourced links and remains solely opinion.

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