Millennials are volunteering to be euthanized for scientific research

Whether it’s truly wanting to die or just pure indifference to staying alive, Millennials all over the world are doing the unthinkable by volunteering to be euthanized for scientific research.

“I’m not sad. I’m not suicidal. I just don’t really give a fuck.” said a Millennial patient going in to the clinic to be euthanized. Millennials wanting to die has become a popular meme over the last several months, but many people are claiming this tried-and-true meme format is becoming downright dangerous, as Millennials are flocking in droves to their nearest euthanasia clinics.

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Others are saying it’s quite selfless of Millennials to give up their lives for the sake of science. One doctor from the Institute of Science and Knowledge claims that we will learn approximately 69% more about the human body after euthanizing 1,000 Millennials. He believes it will change the landscape of modern science.

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Millennials may have destroyed restaurants like Applebee’s and your local mall, but at least they’re trying to save science.

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