Al Gore Is Now Claiming That He Invented “AlGorithms”

We all know the story of Al Gore claiming that he invented the Internet. But now, the former presidential candidate and fear-monger expert is claiming that he invented the “Algorithm”, hence the name.

“I mean, it’s pretty easy to see that algorithms are named after me. The prefix of the word starts with “Al Gore”. The end of the word comes from my love of music – we changed the word “rhythm” to “rithm” and there ya go: the “algorithm” is born. It’s pretty easy to see that I, Al Gore, definitely invented the algorithm. Don’t even look it up.” -Mr. Gore on his invention of the algorithm

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When Gore was asked to define what an algorithm actually is, he quickly shifted the subject to talk about other things he has invented. Among the list was avocado toast, Baby Yoda, and scaring people with documentaries.

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Next time you hear your favorite YouTuber complaining about the “algorithm”, you have Al Gore to thank.

So thank you Mr. Gore, very cool!

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