Trojan releases pre-owned value pack condoms to save you money for the sex

Trojan announced last weekend that they have released a line of pre-owned condoms in packs of three to save customers money.

Local independent recycling companies go through trash with a fine tooth comb and save any and all used condoms that are found in their facilities where they are then sent to a Trojan Reuse Facility.

These economy condoms are washed three separate times, back to back and finally sanitized before they are relubricated and packaged for re sale.

We will machine test each condom just like we would with a brand new condom right off the line. Several times a day we put a break in regular production to run the reused condoms to be repackaged.

Since this line has been available to the public there has been an increase in pregnancy from couples who have used the product but has yet to be linked to the reusable protection.

*Woken News is a satirical news website and our articles are strictly for entertainment purposes. Explore our “About” page for more information.

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