Chick-fil-a Employee Who Worked 69 Hours In a Week Worked an Extra Hour for Free to Please the Lord

Just another wholesome story about a Chick-fil-a employee going above and beyond to secure a top spot in heaven.

Last week, Jehoshaphat Smith worked a total of 61 hours at the local Chick-fil-a and was ready to spend his day off praying and helping out at his church’s Chili Cook-off. However, one of his co-workers called in sick with symptoms of the Coronavirus.

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Jehoshaphat, like a true saint, quickly came to his co-worker’s rescue and agreed to take his shift. After 8 hours of hard work and many “my pleasures”, Smith was getting ready to clock out for the day. But then he remembered: he had now worked a total of 69 hours for the week.

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After doing some number crunching and intense prayer, Jehoshaphat asked himself, “what would Jesus do?”. He then went to his manager, explained the situation, and offered to work an extra hour for free.

“69 is not a Christ-like number. I knew my spot in heaven was in serious jeopardy if I didn’t march right back into that Chick-fil-a and make some gosh darn chicken sandwiches for another hour.” -Jehoshaphat Smith

Not Nice… but very cool.

*Woken News is a satirical news website and our articles are strictly for entertainment purposes. Explore our “About” page for more information.

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