Kim Jong-un turned himself into a pickle. Koreans absolutely losing it.

In an unexpected turn of events, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un reportedly turned himself into a pickle and it’s the funniest shit we’ve ever seen.

Kim Jong-un fell silent for several weeks in April stirring up quite a frenzy of media attention and conspiracy theories ranging from heart surgery, stroke, potential complications related to covid-19 and most recently that he faked his own death to expose traitors in his circle.

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Woken News has exclusive reports that the Supreme Leader did, in fact, turn himself into a pickle with the help of Koreas top scientists putting him literally into a vegetative state.

After a well deserved laugh Korean experts are now frantically scrambling to find an antidote that will reverse the effects of the hilarious transformation so the country can go back to being miserable.

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Reports state that in the meantime a stunt double is being used to stand in for public appearances.

*Woken News is a satirical news website and our articles are strictly for entertainment purposes. Explore our “About” page for more information.

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